What a fantastic return from a great summer. At our regular meeting we raised Bro. Robert Warren to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. I commend Bro. Warren and his sponsors for the level of preparedness he displayed. It was a lesson to us all about how a small effort every day over the course of time will produce incredible results.

As the leaves are changing we are getting into our busy masonic year. In short order, we have an initiation, our ladies tea and then the Shrine Degree team performing a second degree. I look forward to excellent work from our officers and I want to remind all our brethren that there is always opportunity to perform work in the degrees. I will especially be looking to our past masters to fill the role of IPM this year. Imagine if you will, every past master has the chance to join me in the East this year to tell me, “Why, in my year…”.

On Sunday, October 3rd at 1pm, Corinthian will be hosting our annual ladies tea. Bro JW has assured me of a great speaker. Please brethren, invite your ladies to join us this afternoon so we can further cement our family ties. It is always a fun afternoon and serves to give our wives an insight what we as masons are about. Please let Bro. Secretary know of your wife’s or girlfriend’s intention to attend. I cannot stress enough how this seemingly benign event is incredibly important to the long-term health of the lodge. We need to keep our families involved.

On Sunday, October 20 at 7:00 pm the committee for by-law amendment will meet to review and discuss our by-laws as they stand at present and to determine if they reflect our future needs. All brethren are invited to join that committee as any change affects us all. Please be assured that all amendments will be voted in open lodge after due notice is given.

Even though this is only the second month of the Masonic year, I already have my eye on the future. Now is the time to plan. If you have any interest in becoming an officer of the lodge, please take the time to chat with me or the other officers about this idea at our next repast. The finished job of tomorrow is that which is started today.

W. Bro. Scott Best