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From Master Ian Beatie.


Hope all of you enjoyed your Valentine’s and Family days respectively.

The weather in February has been interesting to say the least, but did not prove to be a deterrent to last month’s raising of Bro.Craig Varcoe.

Bro. Varcoe and all the Brethren conducting work at our Feb.7th meeting did so in fine form.

Our next meeting will be our annual “Past Masters” night, led by W.Bro. Bill Hake. He along with the assistance of many of our esteemed Past Masters will be initiating Mr.Sean Issac. Please make an effort to come out and support our Past Masters, our lodge and most importantly our candidate.

I would like to thank the Committee chairs for presenting/addressing the status of their respective projects at the past BOGP. They are moving in a very positive and purposeful direction with each committee. Bro. Scott Best will be presenting the “Mentoring” section of his committee at the upcoming meeting of Past Masters in March. Bro. Carl Dicks will have the next step in the survey committee out to us in the very near future. A lot of hard work has gone into all of our committees, which our lodge will reap the rewards in the very near future.

I would like to share some news with all Corinthian Brethren. As mentioned earlier , I will be conducting a meeting of Past Masters on Thursday March 28, 7:30pm at 99 Morrow Road, agenda to follow. Please add the Masonic Challenge into you respective calendars, which Corinthian will be hosting. The date is Saturday April 27, 2013 ,12:30pm -5pm at 99 Morrow Road. We are looking for volunteers as well as participants. If you are planning to attend or volunteer, please contact W.Bro.Ron Greer or Bro. James Chisholm (you will find their contact information in the summons). This event was very well attended and received at its inauguration last year, so let’s make this year’s event even better. Bro. Chisholm and Greer have lined up some special guests to attend to make it even more special.

In parting Brethren, if you haven’t recently or have ever visited our website (http://www.corinthianlodge.com/), please do so. Bro.Adam Mochrie has done a fine job with our website, which contains some interesting history, education, event information and a home page with some very handsome gentlemen!! There is something for everyone here. As this is an ongoing project, please share your feedback with us, so we can make this great website even better.