Another Masonic year (our 157th) for Corinthian Lodge #96 has come and is almost gone. We have at least one more duty to perform before we relax in the heat of summer. On June 4th, we will be Installing and Investing our new officers for the coming year. I encourage all Corinthian brethren to come out and support Bro. Master-Elect Best and the other officers who are chomping at the bit to carry on with our fine Lodge traditions.

Masonry like rust - never sleeps; and as there are many Masonic functions still on-going, I would ask the brethren to make the effort to get out to the other upcoming events and Installations in the District. In particular, Innisfil Lodge will be Installing a Corinthian Bro. as its Master on 28 May. R.W. Bro. Harry Welsh will again be assuming the Chair of King Solomon. R.W. Bro. Welsh has frequently this past year, been of invaluable assistance to Corinthian Lodge volunteering as a fill-in officer on many occasions when asked or needed. It would only be fitting if in a small way, we could repay his efforts by attending his Installation.

There have also been other Corinthian Bro.ís and Bro.ís from other Lodges who have also been generous with their time filling in when needed, and I would like to thank all of them on the Lodges behalf. There are just too many to mention by name, however your labours on our behalf are no less appreciated.

I would personally like to thank all of the Corinthian officers for their diligence, particularly Bro. Secretary and Bro. Treasurer who provided me with sound advice and guidance as we progressed through the year. Our Snr Steward Bro. Garry Perkins also worked tirelessly providing all the Repasts and volunteering at every function. Your dedication does not go unnoticed by anyone.

Lastly, I would like to thank our DDGM R.W. Kennard Pratt and District Secretary W. Bro. Bill Thomas. They were always there for us with their inspiring speeches and zeal for assisting Masonís of our district and Masonry in general. It was a pleasure to have such warm friends in Masonry to rely on.

W. Bro. James K. Chisholm