Brethren…we now have the first month of the New Year behind us and saying goodbye to 2020 should have been a time of personal stock taking and reflection. The year we left behind saw many of our brethren and friends come to the end of their journeys. Even though the clouds of the pandemic darkened the horizon for many people, we face the future with hope as the vaccine continues to be distributed. This new year definitely breathes of confidence and optimism and there is profound satisfaction in realizing that it offers each of us another opportunity to be better men. While some things may seem uncertain in these times, the enduring things that Masons so loudly profess like brotherly love, relief and truth will no doubt survive. We look ahead with great hope for ourselves, our Craft and for this world to get back on track. Faith, hope and charity are distinctive elements in our philosophy, and now is the time we need to employ these principles of Freemasonry. We pray that this year will be different and our expectations are high in hoping for a better 2021. A new year is not made by simply exposing a new calendar on our fridges but rather by the efforts of us all to make it great, so let’s do just that...

January has been a relatively quiet month, not only for Masonry but in all aspects as we observe the Covid lockdown in Ontario. As this will now continue into February we are fortunate to be able to participate in many online Zoom lectures. These have been great forums allowing us to continue making our daily advancements in Masonic knowledge. The Grand Lodge Masonic Education Committee puts on the Monthly Speaker Series on the first Saturday of each month starting with online fellowship at 6:45pm and followed by a 30 to 45 minute lecture at 7:15pm. They are hosted by W Bro Don Kemball from Zeredatha Lodge 220, a fellow Mentor in the College of Freemasonry. The next one is on Saturday February 6th, An Evening with the Custodian of the Work presented by MW Bro Donald Mumby. If you would like to be on the email notification list for these lectures contact Don at

The Masonic Education Zoom Meetings is another series of talks that started on March 30th, 2020 and are arranged by W Bro Joe Johnson from Cornerstone Lodge in Ontario District. They take place on Monday evenings from 7:30pm to approximately 8:30pm with Masonic topics that cover the Craft North to South, East to West and all points in between!! To date there have been 43 lectures and if you haven’t joined in, even occasionally, then you have truly missed out. The great thing about these talks is that you can be anywhere and participate, for me I have joined in from various destinations while working no matter what the local time.

Upcoming lectures in February, for this series, include Applied Freemasonry: Timeless Teachings for the Future, Freemasons in the Movies, A Story of Joseph Brant and Our Mission in Freemasonry. The dress code for both these venues is casual although some choose to wear collared shirts and ties and they are open to Masons of all ranks. If you’d like to get on the notification emails for these lectures contact Joe at and tell him who you are along with your Masonic details.

The preamble in our Book of Constitution says it all. It states that Grand Lodge, in order to “provide for and promote the general welfare of the Craft”, establishes this Constitution. How does this happen ? It’s through the dedication of hundreds of volunteers just like you who sit on the many Committees, put on the Lodge’s of instruction and work in the College of Freemasonry for Grand Lodge. There are literally hundreds of volunteers who offer many hours of their free time to benefit the Craft. There are those who help at the Grand Lodge library, others who assist at the Communication of Grand Lodge each July and many more Masons who devote their time to needy charities in our Communities including the Masonic Foundation of Ontario. The members of Grand Lodge form our administrative body and we of course voluntarily adhere to the wishes and edicts of our Grand Master. Yes brethren, the preamble says it all and I urge you to read it once more because that preamble is talking about you and your dedication to your Lodge, your District and your Grand Lodge. Our Grand Lodge is only as strong as the foundation it stands on and that is you, me and every other member of Corinthian Lodge No96 in Barrie, Ontario…

I hope to see you all at our online meeting on Thursday, February 4th at 7:30pm. I have invited a few of the current Grand Lodge Officers to pop in and say hello during our meeting, so please try to attend if you can and greet our hard working representatives from the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

W Bro Garry Perkins FCF

WM Corinthian Lodge No96, Barrie

Once we stop asking questions, symbols stop teaching”