I am pleased to report that our official visit was a success seeing the Initiation of the son of our DDGM. Welcome to Bro. Thomas Patrick Cuthbertson to Corinthian Lodge. It should be noted that in total we had 5 sets of Lewis’ in the lodge that evening. These are the links that are forged in the chain of continuity over the ages.

On our emergent evening, we honoured the passing of our brethren to the Grand Lodge Above. A moving empty chair ceremony was performed to honour our fallen brethren and to all service men and women who have fallen in conflicts the world over. Our evening was concluded by an erudite presentation from W. Bro Quinn on the Rosicrucian origins of our gentle craft. Well done, Greg!

At this time of year, it is common to wish good fortune to all for the holiday season and the New Year. But I would like to add a bit of sage advice: Get your snow tires on your car, it’s slippery out there!

This is also the time of year to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. Please check your closets and basements for any spare winter clothing and coats that you may have. There are many who will go without a warm jacket this year except for the efforts of the Busby centre to clothe them. This was a project close to the heart of our fallen Brother, Gerry Wilson. Please help me honour his memory by bringing to lodge as many winter coats as possible. I would like to also remind you of our DDGM’s efforts to raise food donations to the Barrie Food Bank. We now have bins available for the Can a Meeting Drive.

Merry Christmas

W.Bro. Matthew Pindera.