Writing this message two weeks in advance I make no predictions about the weather, performance of sports teams or our own stations in life. We see constant change and unpredictably about us. A Masonic Lodge is designed to be a haven away from the hustle and bustle. The tiled recesses of lodge brings a sense of stability by participating in rituals handed down for hundreds of years.

I recognize that there is difficulty getting the time to come to lodge. There is pressure leading up to and while performing your work. But when you get to lodge, and the work is done well, the lessens sink deep into the souls of our brethren in lodge. And when the work is done well, whether spoken or in the performing of the rubrics, it is a testament to the effort put in. Sitting in the East has given me a new respect for all the additional efforts the brethren of Corinthian Lodge put forth.

It is always a pleasure to work with the brethren to give a new member of our fraternity the best possible experience. If you were not out last month, be sure to welcome to our newest made Mason Foster Lee. His Masonic journey has begun, and this is your opportunity to help guide him along.

Our Regular meeting this month will include the election of the Master and officers of Corinthian Lodge for the upcoming year. It can be a nervous time for them. Your participation in this event will encourage them as they advance in their Masonic knowledge.

As the meeting is usually a relatively short evening, a Lodge of Discussion will follow. This event is a wonderful chance to explore different and sometimes challenging ideas while exercising mutual respect and harmony. The repast that follows may be a little more animated, but the same respect should be observed.

Our emergent meeting this month will be an opportunity for the newly elected and appointed to perform their work in their new chairs. We will be going up to the third degree briefly to give Bro. Andrew Jacobs the opportunity to prove himself as a Master Mason. The evening will primarily be in the 2nd Degree to pass or exemplify a brother.

Be safe and I look forward to seeing you in lodge.

WM Carl Dicks