The Masonic year has flown by. We have initiated, passed, raised and proven just and upright men, with strict morals and good intentions. It is now time for us to continue to cultivate our brothers and help them grow into Masons for years to come so that Corinthian Lodge will continue to shine as it always has.

The month of May saw us elect our officers for the upcoming Masonic year. The brethren of Corinthian elected Bro. Carl Dicks to the East, Bro. Matt Pindera to the West and Bro. Gary Perkins to the South. Corinthian Lodge is in excellent hands as demonstrated at our emergent meeting where Bro. Jason Stamp was initiated in due and ancient form by the officers of Corinthian. It was step up night and our officers for the upcoming year demonstrated a perfect understanding of the work and dedication that goes into each degree.

Our next regular meeting will be the installation of Master Elect Bro. Carl Dicks and the investiture of the new officers for the ensuing Masonic Year. Grab a Mason who hasn't been out in a while. It's a great time for them to get to know the next officers and to enjoy some excellent fellowship. Brethren it's been an honour and I am thrilled by what we have accomplished and I can't wait to sit next to my "Brother" in the East.

W. Bro. Adam Dicks

From the Master - Elect

Brethren of Corinthian Lodge, as Master Elect, I greet you with the most humility and respect. As I have moved through the chairs I have learned that the support of the brethren in the lodge has been the key factor in allowing me to reach the East.

Our lodge has a true desire to be as good as we can be. I have been pleased to find so many brethren willing to step in and help out. The officers can take some pressure off of themselves by asking another brother to take a part on occasion. I look forward to being able to work in the lodge and out to serve you. Please consider joining us if you haven't been out for a while. I think you will enjoy coming home again.

Bro. Carl Dicks

Master - Elect