It is May and I've only just realized that I have performed my final degree as Master of Corinthian. I have very much enjoyed my time in the East and I hope I have made Corinthian proud.

The month of April saw us pass Bro. Trevor Howard to the degree of a Fellowcraft. Bro. Howard proved his proficiency with the help from his sponsors. Bro. Howard was well prepared and it was a real treat to hear and watch the officers of Corinthian Lodge perform the degree of a Fellowcraft and I want to congratulate them on the excellent work that they once again displayed.

For our next regular meeting we will be having our elections. Encourage all brethren to come out so that you may have a day in YOUR lodge and at the same time get to know those that are just starting out in the chairs or are already progressing through them. Our emergent meeting will be a step up night in which the newly elected officers will perform an Initiation for Mr. Jason Stamp. It promises to be an exciting night and I'm sure our officers will put on an excellent degree.

We continue to work towards our Cornerstone project completion. Once more I implore you to reach out to Bro. Chris Kalimootoo for any help he requires.

That's all for now Brethren and I will see you all on the level in May

W. Bro. Adam Dicks