The month of March is already here and we continue to roll along and inch ever nearer to the end of the Masonic Year. We still have a lot to do before that happens though.

Last month saw us raise Bro. Jeff Belesky to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. Bro. Belesky proved his proficiency and I very much look forward to his proving and see him out in lodge as a Master Mason.

For our next regular meeting we will be passing Bro. Kennith Auton to the degree of a Fellowcraft. I know Bro. Autonís sponsors have been working diligently and I am very much looking forward to witnessing my officers finally performing the second degree. In fact twice! As we will be holding a second degree for Bro. Howard on our emergent meeting.

We continue to work towards our Cornerstone project completion. Once more I implore you to reach out to Bro. Chris Kalimootoo and see where and how you can assist him. We will also begin selling our 6 for 4 tickets. This has proven a great success in the past where we sell raffle tickets and the winner will receive 6 guys 4 hours of labour, whether it be chopping wood, cleaning out the garage, etc. Bro. Secretary will be sending out tickets and I hope to get as big of involvement if not more as from what we have in previous years. We will be donating the proceeds to several masonic charities.

I am also diligently working at preparing this yearís installation for our upcoming Installation of the Master and Investiture of the Officers. I will be asking particular Masons to do work but if you would like a piece please do not hesitate to ask.

That's all for now Brethren and I will see you all on the level in March.

W. Bro. Adam Dicks