What a great return from summer. The officers truly proved that a Masonís work is never done. At our regular meeting we initiated Bro. Kennith Auton in due and ancient form. All of the officers did a tremendous job and should be very proud. Thank you also to all the brethren who filled in some of the chairs and some of the work. Bro. Auton you were a great candidate and I look forward to your progress in Masonry.

Our emergent meeting was cancelled suddenly Thursday September 8th as our Candidate, a military police officer was unexpectedly tied up at work. These things happen and as masons we know that it is family, work, and lodge. We will endeavour to initiate him on a later date. As for this month, I look forward once again to seeing a brother perform his work and Initiating a new candidate into our craft. I hope that each of you will have a hand in helping progress our newly initiated brother.

As most of you know we are in need of an Inner Guard, I am looking to our Past Masters but not just them, as this role can be filled by any brother wishing to expand their Masonic knowledge. You would not need to learn the Charges though what an impressive feat that would be! But to simply sit in the chair, answer the knocks and speak the words. If any brother is able to help out for this year please see myself, Bro. Secretary or any officer. Of course as always, if there is any work you would like to do, whether it is for a Candidate/Bro. you have sponsored or someone you have formed a bond through Masonry with, I urge you to step onto the level and make your voice heard.

As we enter the season of the harvest we must not forget that the seeds we planted should always be taken care of if we hope to raise them. Offer to help our less experienced brethren and bring them out to lodge, show them the importance of brotherly love, cultivating harmony and in this season of thanksgiving, practice charity. Enjoy the time with your families this Thanksgiving.

W. Bro. Adam Dicks