The end of the masonic year is upon us and so too is my last message!

It was not until I closed the lodge at our emergent meeting in May that I realized that was the last chance I was going to have to have the last word in lodge. I am humbled by the opportunity to have sat in the East this year and I look forward to fulfilling my duties to the lodge for the next three years. I want to thank all my brothers for the help they provided in the labours of this year. To my officers for their work, to the Past Masters for their advice and support, to the members for filling in and committee work; and to our newest masons who provide the reason to keep this whole thing moving.

Our regular meeting saw the election of Bro. Adam Dicks to the Chair of King Solomon and to the rest of our slate of elected officers. The following week, those new officers took control of the lodge and duly initiated Bro. Craig Turner to our ancient order. It is with great confidence that I will turn over the lodge to Bro. Dicks at our ceremony of installation in June. I invite ALL the brethren to attend and support our new master and his officers at our next regular meeting on June 2.

Finally, I leave you with a question that has challenged me over the years. “So, what does a mason do anyway?” This is a familiar question to us all. One that I have had varying success answering for the last 8 years. Years ago, I remember W. Bro. Bill Hake saying that every time he heard The Work performed, he was able to get something new, insightful and memorable from the evening. As Master of the Lodge this year, I have endeavoured to listen with a greater attention than ever before and feel that in some measure I have been able to follow his great example. And finally I have derived an answer from The Work that can answer the foregoing question.

“To correct the manners of men in society ought to be your constant aim”, is a quote from one of the final charges. This sentence is, for me the culmination of masonry and the final stone in the temple that we build. While the work up to this point is about how to be a good, charitable and honest person this is really only service toward yourself. But to truly elevate humanity in general and improve the function of our society we need to impress these lessons on those who do not take part in our regular meetings. While we are not the morality police, we do make society a better place by our presence, example and gentle guidance.

Thus my Brethren, I charge you. Be of good morals, great skill and always put forth your best effort in all the endeavours of your life. But most importantly be a good example to your neighbour and make our world a better place to live.

Thank you for a great year

Sincerely and Fraternally,

W. Bro. Scott Best

Message for the Master-Elect:


At our emergent meeting we saw Bro. Craig Turner initiated in due and ancient form and I commend Bro. Turner on his attention as this was the first time for many of the officers to be doing that piece of work. I am proud of the upcoming officers and look forward to a prosperous Masonic year in the fall.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Bro. Adam Dicks