Message from the East

My time through the chairs was often punctuated by sitting masters telling me that just as they are hitting their stride, the year comes to an end. It’s true.

Last month saw the passing of Bro. Joe Scott and the raising of Bro. Sean Isaac. Both of the brethren performed excellent work and are an asset to our lodge. I hope that as they move forward in their masonic career they look for pieces of work that resonates in their mind and make an attempt to perform that work in lodge.

Our committee of general purposes met to discuss the future of the officer progression and new opportunities for officers in our lodge. Corinthian is building up steam again and now is the time to get into the chairs. Please take the time to think and discuss your masonic future with a past/present or future master of the lodge.

The month of February is unique in the masonic year in Georgian South District in that there are no installations or official visits. Those opportunities are now back with Kempenfeldt’s official visit on March 1st. I will be there and hope to see some of our brethren come out to enjoy a different lodge from our temple. It is always a source of amazement how different a lodge may be regardless of the similarities we share. This is most acutely felt when visiting a lodge in the same building!

In March, W. Bro. Blaine Hailey will assume the gavel and guide the brethren through our past master’s night. Blaine was one of my sponsors many years ago and it is a personal thrill to see him in the chair of King Solomon. To all you young whippersnappers, this is not a night off. Get out to lodge and see what our past masters can do. Later in the month, on Thursday, March 10 we will be travelling to V.W. Bro. John Furlong’s mother lodge in Toronto. I need to have an accurate list of who will be attending with us as the brethren will want to make sure there is enough repast. Please email me at to confirm. We will also be arranging carpooling to depart from 99 Morrow Rd. Time to be announced. Please Brethren, make an effort to take part in this road trip. These are the events that will form your masonic memories, but only if you are there.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

W. Bro. Scott Best