Happy New Year

It is custom at this time of the year to look back at what was then look forward toward a future of hope and prosperity. For our lodge I look back upon toils of the past several years and I see the good work of many masons. I see a lodge renewed with youth and vigour but tempered with a leavening of wisdom and experience. I see today the core of what our lodge will be for coming years. For the future, I see the need to continue to revitalize our members, remain current with the times and use our newest members to foster the interest that has sustained us so far. I look forward to the coming challenges for the rest of this year in the East and then toward the challenges that lie beyond.

I would ask that all masons look toward their own futures and plan accordingly. Entered Apprentices and Fellowcraft, look well to your work and continue your journey. Master Masons, look toward the East and consider being an officer. If this is not in the near future, look at committee work to be a working part of your lodge. Officers, prepare for your next task. Past Masters, watch the younger workmen, advise and exemplify.

December was a busy month in the life of Corinthian Lodge. The last month of 2015 saw the initiation of Bro. Garry Chandler, breakfast with Santa, the Christmas lodge social and the delivery of the Christmas baskets for the widows. My thanks go out to all the brethren who pulled together to see this work completed. It made me proud to be a member of Corinthian Lodge at the end of this month when I saw all we had accomplished.

On a more serious note, December also saw the welcoming of V.W. Bro. John McGowan to the Grand Lodge Above. John was a mason for over 60 years, and was our oldest serving past-master for 50 years. I had the good fortune of visiting with John in September and October and can report that he approached the end of his life as a logical and comfortable conclusion to a life well lived. I am certain that a life in masonry has prepared him for the next great journey.

Looking forward to January and the year beyond, we have 2 firsts, 2 thirds and a second in the coming months. We also look forward to a road trip on Thursday March the 10th to Bro. Furlong’s father’s mother lodge (that just sounds crazy). Details to follow. In the spring we will also be holding our Ladies tea. After consultation with our senior officers and with some of our widows, I want to warn you that this might be a permanent switch from the fall to the spring. Finally, I hope to hold a committee of general purposes meeting sometime in February and to combine it with a past masters meeting that we can prepare for the Installation in June.

In closing, I leave you with this thought. “A candle loses none of its light when it lights other candles”.

W. Bro. Scott Best