Corinthian Brethren,

I am humbled and privileged to have been elected and installed as your Worshipful Master. The installation was a special evening by having two past Grand Masters in attendance and the many Brethren and visitors that filled the lodge.

My heartfelt thanks to my Installing Master VW Bro Perkins for organizing such a memorable event in our Corinthian History. Congratulations also goes out to our Officers for accepting their nominations and appointments and a big thank you to our new IPM W. Bro. Furlong.

My first communication as Worshipful Master comes at a time when we begin our summer break.

Although we may be at rest, it's important to remember that Masonry never rests. As Masons we never lay down our tools, never fail to discharge our duties, and certainly never stop being who we are. In fact, the summer break is a great opportunity for us to take a moment to look inward and prepare for the coming year. It's a time to take stock of your personal journey and ask yourself where would like to be at this time next year, how you are going to get there, and what tools you will need.

For the Officers it's an opportunity to hone your work to the level you expect of yourself. For our brethren advancing their journey, a time to prepare for your next degree, and for the sponsors a time to reach out and work with your candidates to help set them up for success. Time becomes your friend and an asset once you understand how to manage and respect it. It obeys an immutable law of linear motion in one direction only – forward. You cannot save it, only spend it, so it needs to be invested wisely. Allocating just 10 minutes over the day into your daily advancement is not only possible but simpler than it sounds.

Once employed you will discover it garners incredible returns on the investment in yourself and the craft. A lodge in labour is not the place to practice your work – its where we perform our work. Use your time wisely.

Post C19 we have one of healthiest lodges in the district thanks in part to VW Bro Perkins for keeping us engaged and motivated during the pandemic, and to W Bro Furlong for leading us to safe harbour coming out of it.

Now it's our responsibility to build on that momentum to ensure Corinthian continues to be recognized for our quality work, being welcoming to our visitors, all the while meeting and exceeding the expectations and needs of the Corinthian Brethren. This can only be accomplished by having all of us looking forward to the first and second Thursday of the month to advance our journey and enjoy the society of gentlemen and Brotherhood.

W. Bro. Robert Warren

WM, Corinthian Lodge 96

"On the plains of hesitation bleach the bones of countless thousands, who on the dawn of victory laid down to rest, and while resting died." Adlai Stevenson

Upcoming events

June 24 IPM BBQ – W Bro Furlong's residence - email coming to provide details and directions

June 25 Finance Committee meeting details TBA

July 18-20 Grand Lodge Communication – Richmond Hill

July 24 Committee of General Purpose (COGP) meeting – details TBA

July 26 GDWA degree team at Coronation Lodge 466 in Elmvale