Message from the East

Brethren... As we head deeper into the Fall months, I find it shocking how fast time goes by this time of year. September 1st through Halloween is a blur and before you know it we’re thinking about Christmas shopping !!! I hope you are all enjoying this colourful season, one that represents Thanksgiving and the return of the Toronto Maple Leafs !! As I write my 30th “Message from the East”, since assuming King Solomon’s chair at Corinthian Lodge in June 2019, I am as excited today about Freemasonry and the future of our Craft than ever before. There is a lot of online Masonic activity happening around our Jurisdiction including plenty of monthly education lectures. I regularly attend many of these and have had the opportunity to present at some as well. I have seen first hand that Ontario Masons are involved, engaged and eager to get back to their labours.

November represents a time of reflection and it is important that we as Masons commemorate Remembrance Day on November 11th. Every year Masons of this Jurisdiction are proud to see their members in regalia, wearing medals, and attending Cenotaph Services. This was difficult to do last year due to the public restrictions during the pandemic and many events were cancelled. We were still able to support The Royal Canadian Legion by wearing our poppies and raising funds to give immediate assistance to ex-servicemen and women in need. On the eleventh hour this Thursday, November 11th Canadians will once again come together as one nation to pause for a moment to remember. We will unite across faiths, cultures and backgrounds to remember those who fought for our country and who gave everything to defend the security of not only Canada but the world. November 11th is a reminder for us all, to pause and reflect on the efforts of our friends, family and brethren who served us all proudly.

By now you would have received an email sent to you from Bro Secretary from the Grand Master, MW Bro David J. Cameron dated October 15th, 2021. After reviewing the current status of the pandemic, the Grand Master announced that we may return to some Masonic labours effective November 1st, 2021. This will depend on Masonic buildings opening up to allow meetings and it will be up to the individual lodges to decide when they will meet after this date. Regular and Emergent meetings, balloting, practices, Memorial Services, Committee of General Purposes and Committee meetings may recommence but degree work is still under consideration. The Provincial government dictates what we can do and a complete summary will be sent out soon to all lodges. Masks will be required, contact tracing implemented and most importantly, proof of being fully vaccinated will be required before being allowed to enter the lodge building. This is a directive from the Grand Master, there will be no exceptions and will be strictly enforced.

After a Zoom meeting on October 18th with the Primary Officers and Bro Secretary we decided that Corinthian Lodge will hold a Regular in lodge meeting on

Thursday, November 4th, 2021 at 7:30pm. We will open up in the first degree, do lodge business, give updates and talk about our plan as a lodge moving forward into 2022. Social distancing will be observed and the 99 Morrow Rd Temple board has already restricted seating in the Lodge room as we must maintain a 6ft separation.

As we prepare to return to our Masonic labours we should start by revisiting some of our Masonic manuals and refamiliarize ourselves with the allegories and symbols of our Craft. The Covid break in our labours has no doubt changed the way many look at life and even the way we interpret our symbols and philosophies. We will all have to become students of the Craft once again as we slowly return to regular meetings and welcome new brethren into our world. Many have spent the last year and a half waiting to join our ranks and many others patiently waiting to advance through the degrees, it will be our job to mentor and assist all in achieving their Masonic goals. I cannot tell you how excited I am at the thought of entering 99 Morrow Rd next month and ask you all once again to assist me in opening our lodge…

VW Bro Garry Perkins FCF

WM Corinthian Lodge No 96, Barrie

“Once we stop asking questions, symbols stop teaching”