Brethren…November’s Regular meeting saw us pass Bro. Thomas Cuthbertson onto his next level of Masonic enlightenment during the Official Visit from our DDGM. Equally important, our Emergent meeting saw us Initiate Bro. Bertrand Zarate into our storied gentle Craft. We will only meet once during the December month and our Regular meeting on December the 5th will include a visit from Grand Lodge Officers including the Grand Junior Warden, RW Bro Mark Kapitan and the Grand Senior Warden, RW Bro Graeme Boyce. There is a possibility that they may be bringing some other current Grand Lodge officers with them as well !!! These brethren will join us and assume their Chairs in our lodge so please come out and help to welcome them as we enjoy some Masonic education and some Grand Lodge fellowship.

We will not be holding an Emergent meeting but for the next phase of our Tri-Lodge events, Corinthian Lodge will be hosting the Tri-Lodge Christmas Party on Friday December 13th at 99 Morrow Road. Please make all attempts to join us with your spouses and families as we share a little holiday cheer with each other and raise money for the District Project as well.

The Holiday season is ideally centered on giving, good will toward man and looking after one another in difficult times. This spirit of giving is also outlined in our own Masonic ceremonies. The newly Entered Apprentice Mason is reminded in the northeast corner of charity, and to practice it whenever possible. So let this season of the year remind all Masons, no matter what their religious beliefs, to follow those universal tenets of the Craft...Faith, Hope and Charity. Doing so should bring satisfaction to you, especially at this time of the Year.

I truly wish you all a happy holiday season and look forward to meeting you all on the level in January as we start a new year with our friends, our families and our brothers. Have a joyous holiday season that’s celebrated with all the unique rituals within whichever great faith you’ve chosen to belong. Be with your friends, be with your loved ones, be safe, be happy and most of all… be in touch with your extended family....your lodge brethren.

W Bro Garry Perkins FCF

WM Corinthian Lodge No96, Barrie

Once we stop asking questions, symbols stop teaching”