Corinthian Brethren…September saw our Masonic year start off with a Fraternal Visit from our DDGM, RW Bro Jeff Johnson. Our first Regular meeting was well attended and highlighted by the Grand Steward ceremony for VW Bro Ron Greer. The first of the three Tri-Lodge events took place on Friday September 13th with a “Welcome Back to Masonry” pub night. Masons, and their spouses, from Corinthian, Kempenfeldt and Kerr Lodge gathered for cocktails, food and some great fellowship. The next Tri-Lodge event will be the Christmas party hosted by Corinthian Lodge on Friday December 13th, at 7pm. Please make every effort to attend this and put it in your calendars now !!!

October will see us Initiate two new Masons into our world of ritual, symbolism and brotherly love and we will be balloting on another. Our many Committees will also start to get active, addressing the issues that they are challenged with.

The preamble in our Book of Constitution says it all. It states that Grand Lodge, in order to “provide for and promote the general welfare of the Craft”, establishes this Constitution. How does this happen ? It’s through the dedication of hundreds of volunteers just like you who form the many Committees, put on the Lodge’s of instruction that help us improve our Ritual and by the volunteers that write and grade the College of Freemasonry courses offered to us. There are literally hundreds of volunteers who offer endless hours of their time to benefit the Craft. There are those who help at the Grand Lodge library, and others who assist at the Communication of Grand Lodge each July and many more Masons who devote their Masonic time to needy charities within our Communities including the Masonic Foundation of Ontario. The members of Grand Lodge form our administrative body and we of course voluntarily adhere to the wishes and edicts of our Grand Master.

Yes brethren, the Preamble says it all and I urge you to read it once more because that Preamble is talking about you and your dedication to your Lodge, your District and your Grand Lodge. Our Grand Lodge is only as strong as the foundation it stands on and that is you, me and every other member of Corinthian Lodge No96 in Barrie, Ontario.

W Bro Garry Perkins FCF

WM Corinthian Lodge No96, Barrie

Once we stop asking questions, symbols stop teaching”