Well the New Year didn't turn out so "new". We didn't do any initiations. We did not pass any brethren to the second degree, and we did not raise any of our brethren to the sublime degree of a master mason. We did however, learn our work better as I trust that in the weeks leading up to the degrees we were supposed to do that many of you studied and practiced the work that you perform so wonderfully each meeting. That's what I take away from this months set back. It was a time to strengthen our memory work so when our Third Degree arrives for our first meeting in February we will be ready and Bro. Jeff Belesky will remember this evening for the rest of his life.

It's hard to believe we are only a few short months away from the Masonic year being over. We still have lots to do and prepare for. Our Cornerstone Project is close to being complete and I urge all brethren to check with Bro. Chris Kalimootoo if there are any areas he can use assistance with.

I am also calling on a Committee of General Purpose on Monday February 6th at the Lodge board room at 7pm. This was brought up at our last regular meeting. It's a great chance for all brethren to speak their mind and have themselves be heard. If you have any item you would wish to be on the agenda, please email or speak with Bro. Senior Warden Carl Dicks.

Lastly brethren it is important that if you are sponsoring a brother and he is going to be performing Degree work. Check in with him, study with him, and most importantly be at his Degree Ceremonies. It will make a lasting impression on him and will inspire him to sponsor others as diligently as he was.

W.M Adam Dicks